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Farm Bureau: Lugar gets it, Mourdock doesn’t

Farm Bureau: Lugar gets it, Mourdock doesn’t

U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar understands ethanol means jobs for Hoosiers and economic vitality for Indiana’s rural communities

Challenger Richard Mourdock doesn’t get it.

That’s what Indiana Farm Bureau President Don Villwock and other Indiana farmers are saying after this week’s U.S. Senate debate.

Mourdock ‘Flat-Out Wrong’ on Rural Economy, Ethanol

“Mr. Mourdock is flat-out wrong when he asserts that ethanol increases the price of gasoline,” Villwock said this weekend in an official statement. “Ethanol currently saves consumers nearly $1 per gallon and therefore Hoosiers benefit from ethanol every mile that they drive.”

Agriculture is one of the few business sectors that remained somewhat stable, even profitable, during the recent economic downturn, Villwock said. “I am disappointed that candidate Mourdock did not study up on one of the primary reasons this is so – ethanol.”

Lugar’s Ag Background Leads to Indiana Jobs, U.S. Security

Because of his farming background, Lugar “knows that ethanol creates new markets, so farmers are able to rely less on the government for income and contribute more to the critical work of budget reduction. Ethanol is a win-win-win for all of us. It helps the environment by using renewable resources and reducing emissions. It’s a win for rural communities because renewable fuel plants supply much-needed jobs and economic development,” Villwock said, “and it is a win for farmers because renewable fuels create demand for crops and a more stable farm economy.”

Farm Bureau credited Lugar for being a longtime supporter of renewable energy and a strong advocate of a national energy policy that reduces our dependence on imported oil. Villwock said Lugar effectively educates Congressional colleagues about how ethanol contributes to U.S. national security and reduces the profits Americans send to the volatile Middle East.

Producing ethanol takes one-third less energy and water than just five years ago, Villwock said. “All this means we can produce ethanol for 89 cents cheaper than gas. Thank you, Senator Lugar, for getting the facts straight.” Lugar co-owns and manages his family’s 604-acre corn, soybean and hardwood tree farm in Marion County. He is a former chairman and current member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.