Argentina has new ambassador to Brazil : Luis María Kreckler

Argentina has new ambassador to Brazil :  Luis María Kreckler
embaixadorargentino Argentina has new ambassador to Brazil :  Luis María Kreckler

Luis María Kreckler new Argentine Ambassador to Brazil

Jose Maria Kreckler is a career diplomat.

He  has worked in the finance department of the Argentina  State Department  during Néstor Kirchner’s  and Cristina Fernández’s tenure.

Brazil and Argentina  have lot of domestic issues and lots  of domestic problems.

Dilma Rouseff’s Land  has become Argentina’s main trade partner and the main market for its exports of manufactured goods, particularly the auto industry.

Industry and Foreign Trade minister Fernando Pimentel expressed that “Argentina has been a permanent problem.”

Brazil has a trade surplus with Argentina “of over 6 billion dollars.

According to Latin American  Press, relations have not always been smooth with both sides appealing to non-automatic licences which allow a delay (up to 60 days) in dispatching imports if domestic production or markets are considered to be endangered.

From war and rivalry to friendship and alliance, this complex relationship has spanned more than two centuries.

Today, the strategic relationship between Argentina and Brazil is considered to be “at the highest point in history.”

Ambassador Kreckler will be the next Foreign Ministry’s Trade and Economic Affairs secretary of Argentina.

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